The latest publication based on TIMSS data is titled “Beyond Benchmarks: What do twenty years of TIMSS data tell us about South African education?” The purpose of this report is to provide a measured assessment of what has been achieved over the last 20 years based on the evidence provided by TIMSS, to redefine what ‘good’ progress means in light of South Africa’s developmental pathway and to recommend what evidence based interventions can be considered as the next realistic steps in South Africa’s educational development.




National reports

Mathematics and Science performance in the middle school years in South Africa (1997).

Mathematics and Science literacy of final-year school students in South Africa (1998)

Mathematics and Science performance in grade 8 in South Africa 1998/1999.

Mathematics and Science achievement at South African Schools  in TIMSS 2003.

Highlights from TIMSS 2011: South Africa.


Periodical articles

The good, the bad and the potential: unpacking TIMSS 2011

Use what you have to get what you need:  The appropriateness of TIMSS to appraise and inform policy

Solid foundations: the role of the home in education

A climate of achievement: factors that impact scholarly performance

The good teacher: what teachers need to teach well

The missing link: language skills crucial to mathematics and science

I ❤ maths and science: exploring the views of learners

TIMMS 2011 in a nutshell: Mathematics and science levels improve, but still low


Journal articles

Home and school resources as predictors of mathematics performance in South Africa 

Attitudes to science: part of the puzzle to improve educational achievement?

Educational outcomes: Pathways and performance in South African high schools

Alignment between South African mathematics assessment standards and the TIMSS assessment frameworks

Item readability and science achievement in TIMSS 2003 in South Africa

Cross-national achievement studies: learning from South Africa’s participation in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)


Books and Book Chapters

Quality school mathematics: an elusive aspiration?” In:  State of the Nation 2014: South Africa 1994-2014: a twenty-year review.

Contexts of learning mathematics and Science: Lessons learned from TIMSS